Chemistry student Harry Henderson invents a potent caffeine pill to fight fatigue while studying for exams. But the drug drives him crazy and he becomes Hyper-man, a ‘superhero’ who dispenses justice by playing practical jokes on people he finds weird or annoying.

I drew this comic strip for Felix, the student newspaper of Imperial College London. When I did my degree, the university was known as ‘Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine’. Other London universities, however, called it ‘Imperial College of Freaks, Geeks & Nerds’ – hence the comic’s title. Although it wasn’t especially funny, Freakfighter did make some accurate observations about student life.


This featured manga, plus a few articles and reviews. I drew two stories in this fanzine: Babes & Blades and Dragon Ball T, based on one of my favourite series. One day I’ll scan the pages and post them all online.


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