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I was born in France, my parents are from Mauritius and I grew-up in the UK. After studying biology at Imperial College London, I did a PhD in molecular evolution and genetics at the University of Bath.

Before becoming a full-time writer, I spent several years as a journalist at Focus, the BBC’s popular science and technology magazine, running the features section and writing about everything from gay genes and internet memes to the science of death and origin of life. As an editor, I commissioned over 100 contributors, including numerous renowned academics and acclaimed science writers. I also launched the iPad edition of Focus and presented/produced the magazine’s podcast.

I’m currently finishing my second book and blog for Forbes, but I’m also available for freelance work. If you need a science consultant for comics or games, get in touch (I was advisor on the superhero series Ordinary).

Most of my spare time is spent practising martial arts. I live in Bristol with my plants Bruno Tonioli and Betty Draper.

Infrequently Asked Questions (yaks)

What do you prefer to be called?
Friends use my nickname, “J” (but I don’t mind “JV” and “JVC”).
How do you say your surname?
Chamary is pronounced “sham-a-ree” (first syllable as in champagne).


Please email me, replacing ‘surname’ in the address field to prove you aren’t a robot, and change the subject line to something more specific.


Biologist and award-winning journalist. Former features editor of BBC Focus magazine. Now writing popular science books and blogging for Forbes.